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Managing Risk: Systems Planning for Outdoor Adventure Programs
This much anticipated resource introduces the next generation of risk management thinking to the adventure industry. Managing Risk guides you through building and integrating The Seven Systems of Outdoor Adventure Risk Management Planning into your existing experiential and adventure-based operations or programs.

By working through supporting case studies, sample forms, industry leading templates and best practice guidelines you will map The Seven Systems that drive risk management planning in your organization to ensure your organization’s long-term sustainability.

Written by adventure, education and business professionals, this book is required reading for program managers, owner/operators, senior staff and anyone looking to make a career in the adventure industry.

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Logbook: The Activity Journal for Outdoor Guides

Keeping a professional logbook is as fundemental to guiding as setting anchors , reading rapids or plotting routes - this resource is designed to make it easy for you to:
  • Track activity days
  • Manage training and certification records
  • Collect professional work references
  • Access important field notes
  • Provide proof of your experience and due diligence
Features include:
  • Emergency Field Notes
  • Professional Reports
  • Annual Record Keeping

This logbook has been designed by professional guides with thousands of hours of experience and hundreds of logged pages. The result is a new resource for helping guides to meet industry best practice in professional record keeping.
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