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Our Direct Bearing consulting team are leaders, guides and mentors. We are as comfortable leading a group developing solutions to complex organizational issues, as we are ensuring the safety of workers on the Golden Gate Bridge, navigating a Class V river or leading a company of fire fighters into a burning house. We are action oriented, come from diverse backgrounds and are accomplished - academically, professionally and personally. When working with you, our actions are motivated by your ability to own, implement and continue to develop solutions to your unique risk management challenges.

The Direct Bearing Team is lead by a management group with more than 50 years of experience.

matt-head.jpg Matt Cruchet - President
Matt Cruchet founded Direct Bearing Incorporated as a vehicle to help organizations navigate risk. Matt’s strengths lie in operational assessment where he uses his experience in the not-for-profit, youth-service, adventure travel and emergency planning industries to evaluate and manage risk. Matt is a recognized outdoor risk management expert, consultant, author and speaker. More
jon-heshka.jpg Jon Heshka - Principal
Jon Heshka bridges the real world of risk management with the rigour of academia. He's been an expert witness for the US Dept. of Justice, written reviews for the BC Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General, worked with the Justice Institute of BC and has consulted with all levels of government. He is now a professor at Thompson Rivers University in BC. Jon understands risk and the law and can help organizations achieve their risk management targets. More
jeff08web.jpg Jeff Jackson - Principal
Jeff Jackson brings a business management perspective that spans adventure tourism, economic development, health care and education. Specializing in organizational change, professional development and project management, Jeff is an award winning educator whose strength lies in implementation and systems planning. More

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