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Our team are leaders, guides and mentors. We are action oriented, come from diverse backgrounds and are accomplished - academically, professionally and personally. When working with you, our actions are motivated by your ability to own, implement and continue to develop solutions to your unique risk management challenges. DBI is lead by a management group with more than 50 years of experience.

Direct Bearing Incorporated has been specializing in safety and risk management consulting since 1997. We have worked with the Girl Guides of Canada, the Canadian Cancer Society, the YMCA, Algonquin College, Ontario Parks, the Government of Nunavut and other organizations ranging from all levels of gvernment to National volunteer-based organizations, youth service groups, camps, natural resource companies, adventure tourism operators, tourism development bodies, schools, school boards and most other types of educational institutions.

We are a full service boutique consulting firm dedicated to providing our clients with integrated solutions that match their specific needs. Our experience positions us to be involved with projects at multiple levels of government and public/private partnerships. Our levels of involvement range from project start-up (stakeholder meetings, industry surveys, needs assessments, outcome planning) to reviews and risk assessments of existing programs (occupational health and safety, emergency response planning, safety audits) to on-going support (training development, crisis consultation, systems implementation).

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